What tools do you use when 3D printing? Do you prefer a certain brand, or shape, or maybe something that is easily accessible to everyone no matter their location. All of these links to these products are available on Amazon. San Diego 3D printing will get affiliate bonuses for each purchase that is clicked through. With the bonuses, we can use theose funds towards the group, help fund events and continue to learn and share as a group. You can follow the ledger below.
San Diego 3D Printing Ledger Spread Sheet

Brictone’s Tools & Supplies

Here are a few things that Brictone uses along with his 3D Printers. Brictone has done many 3D Printing as a service type commisions, over 300 in fact. In doing so, has had to keep parts and tools on hand to keep the printers running day in and day out. So inexpensive and every day things around the house have become the tools neccessary to maintain a 3D Printer.
“If you were on a remote planet with limited tools, what would you bring?”
This is a link to an Amazon search where you can choose which guitar string you would like to purchase.

The smaller guitar strings can help unclog a nozzle tip. Keep in mind they are not as useful if the clog is further up beyond the heating block.

They don’t really sell them according to diameter, so you can reference this site about Guitar strings, and how the smallest one for either Electric or Acoustic Guitar should suffice. https://sixstringacoustic.com/guitar-string-sizes

Guitar strings are measured in 1000’s of inches. So doing a conversion, a 0.01 Guitar string is 0.25mm so, it’ll fit easily up any nozzle tip.

Chris’s Tools & Supplies

Here are the tools that Chris uses. These are particular useful tools to have along with your 3D printer.
TOWOT Precision Tweezers,Craft Tweezers for Electronics,Fine Tweezers Precision, Anti-static Stainless Steel Long Tweezers for Soldering, Welding, and Jewelry Making

These stainless steel Long Needle Point Tweezers are an excellent addition to the basic 3D printing tool kit. They work well in cleaning up little strings or wisps in hard to reach places. Additionally, they’re helpful when cleaning up an oozing filament from a hot nozzle.
KATA 2-Pack Micro Wire Cutter, Precision Electronics Flush Cutter and Side Cutting pliers, Clean Cut for Model, Jewelry, Model Kits

Flush cutters are likely in your tool kit already, but if you’re looking for a low cost replacement or upgrade, the KATA Flush Cutter 2-Pack is highly recommended. They’re a bit more comfortable than standard flush cutters that come shipped with the typical printer.

AFA Tooling – Deburring Tool with 10 Extra High Speed Steel Swivel Blades – Works on Metal, Resin, PVC Pipes, Copper, Plastic and 3D Printed Edges – Plumbing & 3D Printing Burr Removal Reamer Tool

If you don’t have a deburring tool, then get one. This is a handy tool for removing sharp edges on your 3D prints and I wish I’d had it in my tool kit from the start. This tool has a very solid feel and comes with extra blades. It can be used on a variety of materials and makes life much easier.
Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE, High Viscosity, 4 oz Bottle,Translucent white(Packaging may vary)

Super Lube 51004 Synthetic oil is a high quality lubricant that can be used to lubricate smooth or threaded rods and rails. It helps protect against friction and wear. A little bit goes a long way.